Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The milestone has been achieved, and this little guy took his first steps yesterday, August 29, at 10 1/2 months old. Yes, he has taken a step here, and a step there, but this was actual foot in front of the other is succession, walking. Granted he may be stopped for Walking Under the Influence, but I assure you, his wobbly steps are strong and purposeful. "No officer, I only had 2 bottles."

Over the past week his standing has gotten longer and longer. So last night, during dinner, he was being very good and standing well. He had already eaten, and dinner usually consists of me sitting on the floor with him getting every other bite in my mouth. I decided we should probably get out the good video camera (surprise, surprise) and film this achievement. After turning it on and getting him standing it seemed like he was trying to go somewhere and that's when mommy and daddy learned a valuable lesson. Connor responds well to bribery, especially of the food persuasion. He loves food, and we had the perfect morsel of temptation, macaroni and cheese. One single piece of macaroni on the end of a fork got his little feet in motion and the rest is history. His longest run so far is about 6 swaggering feet. He leans with it, he rocks with it. After he was tired out we got one little clip on our cell phones to send to Uncle Casey, and I'm so glad because I used that clip to show just about anyone who wanted to see it again today!!! The kid is amazing if you ask me!!


  1. That first picture in his fishy shirt makes him look like a tightrope walker. Way to go Big Stuff!