Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Parties and Standing

Connor's best playmate, Nathaniel, turned 1 this past weekend. I can't believe how fast the boys are growing. I still very clearly remember Sarah and I pregnant together. She was due the day of Connor's baby shower, and she still came, uncomfortable and all. I'm glad these two little boys have someone so close in age to play with. I'm glad these two mama's have someone so close to relate to. Sharing stories over Panera while the boys make a mess of their snacks is priceless.

Nathaniel's birthday party was at a beautiful little park in Boca Raton that happened to have a great little splash area. Connor and the rest of the kids couldn't get enough. On a hot August day nothing could be better than cool water being splashed on your face. Connor "dove" right in, and didn't want to stop. He played so hard he gave himself road rash on his little feet. He drags the tops of his feet when he crawls, and the rubber was just too much for his baby skin. We don't think he ever noticed. He never once complained or cried, he just kept splashing. Sadie, Nathaniel, and Connor along with the other little ones squealed with delight with every squirt, splash, and sprinkle. The party was a hit!

Speaking of babies turning one, I can't believe I have already started ordering things for Connor's. With each box that arrives I'm reminded of how big he is getting. My newborn is an infant, who will soon be a toddler. He doesn't realize it but he is ready to walk. He will let go of things while he is cruising, take a step, hold back on and continue in the direction he was going, never realizing what he did. He'll take steps back and forth between mommy and daddy, but nothing on his own accord. He is starting to stand on his own, and I love seeing how controlled he is and I watch in amazement and he slowly lowers to the ground to crawl to his next adventure. He hates being boxed in, and wants to go everywhere and do everything. He loves to throw his baseball, and is very interested in books. He also has a tooth coming in, top gum, in the back, I'm guessing something that chomps. This explains the runny nose he had a few days ago. Connor is such a big boy, now if he would only sleep through the night...

I am choosing not to mention how traumatic is was going back to school this week after having a glorious summer with Connor. I will mention that the first time I came to pick him up,after a long day away from him, he created the most beautiful and extreme squeals of delight and excitement of which I have never heard. That alone makes it worth it!

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