Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, July 15, 2011

Moose, and Caribou, and Bears. Oh My!

Our Alaskan adventure has come to a close. We got off of the ship in Seward and went to the Aquarium in town while we waited for our train to get to the station that would take us to Anchorage. The Aquarium was wonderful, and we made friends with this curious sea lion who loved to interact with visitors. Our train left at 6pm and 4 hours later we arrived to Anchorage. We saw the beautiful vistas of Alaska along our way and never once had to worry about losing our view due to the sun setting. From Anchorage we visited Talkeetna, and then on to Denali to see Mt. McKinley. Along the way we ate some of the best food of our lives. It's amazing coming off of a cruise ship, but those Alaskans know how to make some food! In Talkeetna at the Wildflower Cafe we had the most amazing sea food chowder that will be talked about for years. Chunks of creamy crab stick out in my mind the most. In Denali we ate at the Salmon Bake twice because we wanted to try more. We shared everything and we can't decide who scored with the best meal, that's how great everything was. Speaking of food we saw so many animals. The count came out to 5 Moose, 4 Grizzly Bears, 6 Caribou, 1 Wolf, 1 Hair, 1 Willow Ptarmigan, countless squirrels, and one too many state birds-I mean mosquito. We went white water rafting on the Nenana and got soaking wet as well as extremely cold. Cat 3 and 4 rapids, freezing cold water, and glacial facials will lend to a great memory. We took an 8 hour tour on a school bus into the park in Denali and surprisingly loved it. At first we were skeptical...a school bus? 8 hours? no way. But it was great, and our eyes couldn't take in everything we were seeing. It was the picture perfect day, and Mt. McKinley decided to come out and show herself. That puts us in the 30% club. Connor was a trooper and it also happened to be his 9 month birthday. He spent it on a bus seeing amazing wildlife and being rocked to sleep on a gravel road with the hum of the engine as his soundtrack. We headed back to Anchorage the next day and that is where we celebrated Tim's birthday. What a great trip to celebrate your birthday on. Another year old, amazing new experiences, and being a daddy. Connor of course remembered to bring daddy's birthday card along, and it was all very special. Our last stop of the trip was Connor's Lake right there in Anchorage, and beautiful little dog park. A nice spot to reflect on the wonderful time we had. I took over 1600 pictures and only added about 300 to facebook. I think we all decided we took more pictures of Connor than of anyone or anything else. What a precious boy he is, and a great traveler.
Here is Connor showing us his new trick. On the trip he discovered how to wave back at all the little old ladies who fawned all over him, and he also learned that he likes to stick out his tongue. All 8 teeth are in and I'm sure there is another one on the way. He's still pulling up on everything and likes to be on the floor playing more than anything else. He's figured out how to bring his knees under him to crawl, and is getting braver at only holding on to things with one hand. His balance gets better every day. He says Mama easily, he has his own way of saying hello and hi, and now is trying his best to say Roxy. We're trying our best to learn Dada....soon we hope!

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