Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cruisin Through Summer

It is the end of July and it is only just now feeling like the lazy, care-free, days of summer. Connor has spent most of this past week near the water. We've done a dinner picnic at the beach, we had a swim play date with Nathaniel, and we've gone down to grandma's multiple times to enjoy her pool. Why is it I can hear the school bell so clearly already? It makes me sad (and gives me a twitch). I love these wonderful moments with Connor and I do not take them for granted. It is all passing by much too quickly and the ride seems to be gaining momentum. We're already planning his first birthday party. WOW!

When I say cruising through summer, I mean just that. He is in the cruising stage. He goes everywhere he wants "walking" by holding on to anything he can...including the dog. I thought I was golden having a drop down living room. Nope, the step up didn't phase him one bit. He wants to go everywhere, and throws a fit when he's corralled back into his play area in the living room. There happens to be a gate at grandma's and he will stand there shaking it hoping to escape to whatever adventure he can find. He is a dare devil for sure, and there have been some harrowing examples of his fearlessness recently where someone has been there to scoop him up in the last second before he reaches the floor. He sees the edge of something and heads straight for it. Boy, oh boy- takes on a whole new meaning.

Now that we are enjoying these easy days of summer we were able to go visit daddy at his new job. Same building, different floor, new office, and a fancy name placard. I love that the Broward Sheriff's Office really is one big family. He can still connect with his old office, and yet be welcomed so nicely into this new one. We are so proud of his hard work and effort. It is no question to see where his priorities lay when you walk into his office and see Connor plastered everywhere.

A few more weeks of summer are left and we still have one more trip planned. I am greatly looking forward to taking Connor to North Carolina. No summer is complete without a trip up, and last summer I was preggo. This summer we are passing down the tradition to a new generation. I am so excited for the mountains, the cool air, the birds singing, and the tranquil lake. Grandpa Gary has already asked for a grocery list....I say s'mores for dinner every night!

If you can't tell from the pictures I think we're expecting more teeth soon. Below is a good shot of the 8 he has already!

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