Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Second Wedding

My friend of twelve years, Ashley, got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful event and Connor was a champ again. He is still "struggling" to grow into his incisors, so one bloody nose from daddy later and we survived the ceremony without too much craziness. I was thrilled to be able to sing for the ceremony too, and that usually puts Connor at ease, I'm not so sure it worked this time. Though all bets are off when it comes to teething. The wedding was a great occasion and I know that everyone enjoyed themselves. The reception was in the same location as Tim and I's, Orange Brook Country Club. Being there was our first time back in 4 years and it was a true full circle moment to have Connor there with us. I'm glad it is something Ashley and I will share.

Pastor Thompson at church is doing a series right now called "Modern Family" and this Sunday's message was about preparing the next generation. Throughout this series they have been featuring different families from our church on the bulletin. What a great surprise to see our faces staring back at us. You can view it here. The sermon was such a sweet reminder as parents that we need to be planting the seeds now for our children to grow into Oak Trees later. Being a modern family means being ready for the days ahead. What design does the Bible offer for those who want to build a legacy for those in future modern families? What type of legacy will we leave for our children? We talked about Noah, and how it really wasn't about him, but about his future generations. The screaming, the no-sleep, the biting, the clinging, is only temporary (I hope), we're to be preparing him for later. Eye on the goal!

This week we have mastered blowing raspberries and saying "Mama". It's extra funny when they both happen at the same time. He is a pull-up pro, and "walks" around hanging onto things. He mastered pincer grasp about a month ago with his puffs, and he will gladly show me how good he is at it by putting whatever lint he finds into his mouth. I get it, I need to vacuum 3 times a day. On the other hand, he'll happily do it for me, oh gracious!
Here's Connor!

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