Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Petersen: Son of Peter; Son of Rock

We celebrated Tim's first Father's day this past weekend. I can't say we only celebrated on Sunday, because we tried to show Tim how special he was the entire weekend. Connor's special gift to his daddy was a Red Sox hat that we had embroidered to also say "Connor's Dad" on the side of it. It was in perfect BoSox lettering, double colors and all. For me personally is was difficult to find a card. They all had me crying. I know I'm sentimental, but Tim truly is an amazing father, example, role model, leader, the list goes on. How many men do you know who jump up when there's a dirty diaper that needs to be changed? Tim gets up early with Connor every morning when the little one decides he's awake at 5:30am. He is patient with Connor, and gentle, and also knows how to make him giggle. He stands beside me every night when we put him in his crib, and we pray together over our little angel. What a great daddy he is!!!
Connor's teeth are still continuing to make their way into his mouth. The four on bottom are very present, and the top side incisors are still growing in. We have good days and bad days with his fussiness. He grows stronger everyday, and now tries to pull up on practically anything he thinks he can manage. This includes the dog! His balance is still wobbly so walking on his own will be some time, but I'm ok with that. This house is not baby proof, and until I can hire someone to sit with him while I buzz about, it won't be for a while. This little one has to have me in his view at all times. He literally sat in my lap to play for most of yesterday, otherwise he was fussing. Oh boy. Apron Strings. Throw in that we still aren't sleeping through the night and this is one tired mommy! But oh, he is so cute!

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