Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Your Second Wedding

My friend of twelve years, Ashley, got married on Saturday. It was a beautiful event and Connor was a champ again. He is still "struggling" to grow into his incisors, so one bloody nose from daddy later and we survived the ceremony without too much craziness. I was thrilled to be able to sing for the ceremony too, and that usually puts Connor at ease, I'm not so sure it worked this time. Though all bets are off when it comes to teething. The wedding was a great occasion and I know that everyone enjoyed themselves. The reception was in the same location as Tim and I's, Orange Brook Country Club. Being there was our first time back in 4 years and it was a true full circle moment to have Connor there with us. I'm glad it is something Ashley and I will share.

Pastor Thompson at church is doing a series right now called "Modern Family" and this Sunday's message was about preparing the next generation. Throughout this series they have been featuring different families from our church on the bulletin. What a great surprise to see our faces staring back at us. You can view it here. The sermon was such a sweet reminder as parents that we need to be planting the seeds now for our children to grow into Oak Trees later. Being a modern family means being ready for the days ahead. What design does the Bible offer for those who want to build a legacy for those in future modern families? What type of legacy will we leave for our children? We talked about Noah, and how it really wasn't about him, but about his future generations. The screaming, the no-sleep, the biting, the clinging, is only temporary (I hope), we're to be preparing him for later. Eye on the goal!

This week we have mastered blowing raspberries and saying "Mama". It's extra funny when they both happen at the same time. He is a pull-up pro, and "walks" around hanging onto things. He mastered pincer grasp about a month ago with his puffs, and he will gladly show me how good he is at it by putting whatever lint he finds into his mouth. I get it, I need to vacuum 3 times a day. On the other hand, he'll happily do it for me, oh gracious!
Here's Connor!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Petersen: Son of Peter; Son of Rock

We celebrated Tim's first Father's day this past weekend. I can't say we only celebrated on Sunday, because we tried to show Tim how special he was the entire weekend. Connor's special gift to his daddy was a Red Sox hat that we had embroidered to also say "Connor's Dad" on the side of it. It was in perfect BoSox lettering, double colors and all. For me personally is was difficult to find a card. They all had me crying. I know I'm sentimental, but Tim truly is an amazing father, example, role model, leader, the list goes on. How many men do you know who jump up when there's a dirty diaper that needs to be changed? Tim gets up early with Connor every morning when the little one decides he's awake at 5:30am. He is patient with Connor, and gentle, and also knows how to make him giggle. He stands beside me every night when we put him in his crib, and we pray together over our little angel. What a great daddy he is!!!
Connor's teeth are still continuing to make their way into his mouth. The four on bottom are very present, and the top side incisors are still growing in. We have good days and bad days with his fussiness. He grows stronger everyday, and now tries to pull up on practically anything he thinks he can manage. This includes the dog! His balance is still wobbly so walking on his own will be some time, but I'm ok with that. This house is not baby proof, and until I can hire someone to sit with him while I buzz about, it won't be for a while. This little one has to have me in his view at all times. He literally sat in my lap to play for most of yesterday, otherwise he was fussing. Oh boy. Apron Strings. Throw in that we still aren't sleeping through the night and this is one tired mommy! But oh, he is so cute!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Your First Wedding

The same day Connor turned 8 months old, he went to his first wedding. I'm teaching him early all of the rules of etiquette! This month holds two special weddings, and we couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of each. This past wedding was the de Rose wedding and Connor was thrilled to finally meet his Liberty "aunts". He was a good boy for them, and it was such a nice occasion for all. It's so interesting to talk with the parents of any couple getting married. It puts into perspective how little time we have before our children grow up and become independent. Granted, learning to walk is just the first "step". Am I ready for him to take off? I still feel like I just brought him home, and yet his 1 year birthday is 4 months away. Is he going to be dating next week? I wonder about his future wife. I pray for her already. She may not even be born yet, which is wild. The future holds so many new adventures for us to experience together and for us to experience separately. What conflicting emotions must overtake a parent as they prepare to "give their child away". You want to give your children roots and wings. Oh Lord, I pray he finds a Proverbs 31 wife.

At 8 months old, he has 5 teeth in, and 3 cutting. It has been a rough couple of days as the top 2 side incisors break through. Nothing compares to the days of untreated reflux, but this comes close. Please let the teen years go smoothly!!!! His army crawl is getting stronger and faster, and he is pulling up with more balance each time. While standing he lets go thinking he'll just be, and promptly starts falling straight to the ground. He doesn't realize his limitations yet. He's fearless, and mommy has to be on her toes! I'm sure there will be a lifetime of mommy closing her eyes while Connor plays one sport or the other. My stomach turns when he falls over. He is a boy after all. Bring on the scrapes, bruises, mud, worms, and all other yucky things. I can take it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ba Ba Ba Ba

"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

Crawling, talking, kissing, and going to the Museum, what a week! Infants learn things so quickly and it is amazing to watch him develop new skills at such a quick rate. My little G.I. Joe has mastered the army crawl and has thus learned how to terrorize every animal in sight. That is his motivation...Roxy, Molly, new kitten. If he can't reach them, he will call to them. His little shrieks are adorable as he tries to get their attention. "Waauuuhhhhh, uh uh, waaauuuhhhh," That means, "Hey Roxy, come here, I want to tug on your ear a little bit."

On top of shrieking for the animals he loves to shriek a "hello" and a "good bye". It's hysterical. He is babbling up a storm and his favorite repetitive syllable is "ba". You can get him going with "ba ba ba ba ba ba" and it turns into all sorts of sounds. I love his little voice. I love that he has something to say. I can't wait until I can understand it all. Will he be a poet? Will he be analytical? Will he debate? I hope he will learn to use his words to build others up, to be an encourager and a speaker of truth and wisdom. And if he's a little pun-y, I'd be ok with that too!!

Another new activity is the sweet, wet, open mouth kisses that our little love bug is giving. Yes, very different from his biting. The scary moment is when he reaches for your face, you wonder which one it will be for a millisecond before you relax into the heart melting, slobbery, sign of affection. Oooh, do I love this new development. It is adorable when he leans over and plants one on Roxy too. Ugh, what a cutie.

We had a wonderful Saturday and took Connor to the Museum of Discovery and Science. I wasn't sure how he would respond to this environment, but I have to say he loved it! The aquarium part was so exciting for him, and he tried to touch all of the fish that swam by. Daddy had an equally thrilling time and enjoyed the aviation exhibit. Daddy and Connor got to fly all sorts of planes, and Grandpa Gary already promised to get them both up in the air soon. Connor is already inheriting the legacy of flight from the Guise side. I hope he soars!