Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The First Mother's Day

Our church made Mother's Day very special by offering a photo shoot for the families!
Mommy and Baby; happiness

Well, Kristin’s first Mother’s Day has come and gone. Connor and I had some long discussions about Mother’s day and about what we could do to make Mommy feel special. We decided one of the best things that we could do was to try our hardest to allow mommy as much opportunity to sleep as possible. From the beginning, Kristin and I have had an “arrangement”. Being that I typically get a little more sleep than her throughout the night, on the weekends I would get up with Connor and keep him occupied so she could sleep in. This is a fair arrangement because I am naturally a morning person (disclaimer: By morning person, I really mean someone who is capable of functioning with the help of a steaming cup of coffee). A typical weekend has Connor and me getting up around 6-6:30, followed by a feeding at 7:30. Unfortunately, Kristin is required to be up for that 7:30 feeding. To make mommy feel rested, this past weekend Daddy used some of our frozen stockpile for that feeding and Kristin got to sleep through it. In addition, Connor really needed to run to the mall to get mommy one last gift so Mommy didn’t have to get out of bed until 11. Granted, she didn’t sleep that late, but she got to relax.

Believe it or not, Connor is a remarkably good gift giver. We spent a lot of time talking about what to do for Mommy since it was her first Mother’s Day and opted to go with multiple presents with a more sentimental feeling rather than an expensive piece of jewelry. First, we got mommy 2 Vera Bradley bags, making sure they were in her pattern. Next, we got mommy a Pandora Bead of a little boy which we felt was an appropriate Mother’s Day gift. Finally, Connor and I worked long and hard to put together a Snap Fish Photo book that gives a snapshot (no pun intended) of Connors first 7 months. That is right folks, Connor is 7 months old.

It is crazy to think about life over the past 7 months. It is even crazier to think that we are now closer to Connor’s first birthday than we are to the day he was born. I would be lying if I said that this time has been a breeze, but I can honestly tell you that it has been an incredible ride. It seems that every day Connor is up to something new. He is becoming ever more vocal and has recently realized that it is fun (for him at least) to randomly scream. He also recently has taken a he liking to Roxy and the love is reciprocated. If Roxy is in the room, Connor’s attention is on her.

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