Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Experience Life!


We have experienced our first music class. Not to be confused with the funny music class mommy conducts on our living room floor. This was a wonderful class we went to with Connor's friend Nathaniel in Boca. It was great mommy/baby, baby/baby, mommy/mommy time! Connor loved participating and showed everyone how he could clap. It was very sweet and I wish we had one closer.....maybe I'll start a class on Saturdays (goodness knows Kindergarten Music class isn't much different)! "Broadway Babies" anyone?
We have experienced our first trip to the beach! This past Friday we loaded the car with towels, bathing suits, and swimmy diapers and traveled the great 5 mile distance to the beach. "Are we there yet?" I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to get there, but at 6 months old I say it was time! We went in the evening trying to avoid heat and potential sunburns, and encountered high winds and cold water. Now I know. It was a little too chilly for Connor to actually enjoy himself, but he was a trooper. He really liked how his toes felt in the wet sand. He got immersed and after the little gums started chattering we were done. This adventure will certainly happen again in the near future....just earlier in the day. Now how do I get all of the sand out of the car?

We have experienced our first Easter Sunday. This was very exciting for Tim and I. The very first thing we purchased for Connor's basket was a sweet cardboard book that explains the real meaning of Easter. We read many books that day, and finally decided on the perfect one: the last page reads "Okay, now I get it. The Easter Bunny is okay, and Easter eggs are fun. But Easter's not about that stuff it's all about God's Son." What simple truth. Connor spent the day gnawing on...everything! Every plastic egg was licked, gummed, and sucked on. Tim and I were so exhausted, teething Connor equals no sleep at night! Thank you mom for our Easter afternoon nap! But, oh, to see him so excited made it all worth it!
All of the teething has payed off! Connor started cutting his top right tooth yesterday! You can just feel the little sharp edge of it coming through, but it is certainly there! Maybe sleep is in our future??!! Connor also rolled from his back to his tummy yesterday. He has long mastered tummy to back, but this is a whole new milestone. I guess this means no more letting him lay just anywhere! Oh my!


  1. Awwww! I love yall's matching Easter outfits! Too cute!

  2. Two things. 1. I love the picture of you on your blog header. And 2. We have that same Easterbook and I love it. I like that it acknowledges all the things that little kids love about Easter, but brings it all back to God's son. Good choice! He's getting big, and his smile is adorable!