Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Experience Life!


We have experienced our first music class. Not to be confused with the funny music class mommy conducts on our living room floor. This was a wonderful class we went to with Connor's friend Nathaniel in Boca. It was great mommy/baby, baby/baby, mommy/mommy time! Connor loved participating and showed everyone how he could clap. It was very sweet and I wish we had one closer.....maybe I'll start a class on Saturdays (goodness knows Kindergarten Music class isn't much different)! "Broadway Babies" anyone?
We have experienced our first trip to the beach! This past Friday we loaded the car with towels, bathing suits, and swimmy diapers and traveled the great 5 mile distance to the beach. "Are we there yet?" I'm not sure why it has taken us so long to get there, but at 6 months old I say it was time! We went in the evening trying to avoid heat and potential sunburns, and encountered high winds and cold water. Now I know. It was a little too chilly for Connor to actually enjoy himself, but he was a trooper. He really liked how his toes felt in the wet sand. He got immersed and after the little gums started chattering we were done. This adventure will certainly happen again in the near future....just earlier in the day. Now how do I get all of the sand out of the car?

We have experienced our first Easter Sunday. This was very exciting for Tim and I. The very first thing we purchased for Connor's basket was a sweet cardboard book that explains the real meaning of Easter. We read many books that day, and finally decided on the perfect one: the last page reads "Okay, now I get it. The Easter Bunny is okay, and Easter eggs are fun. But Easter's not about that stuff it's all about God's Son." What simple truth. Connor spent the day gnawing on...everything! Every plastic egg was licked, gummed, and sucked on. Tim and I were so exhausted, teething Connor equals no sleep at night! Thank you mom for our Easter afternoon nap! But, oh, to see him so excited made it all worth it!
All of the teething has payed off! Connor started cutting his top right tooth yesterday! You can just feel the little sharp edge of it coming through, but it is certainly there! Maybe sleep is in our future??!! Connor also rolled from his back to his tummy yesterday. He has long mastered tummy to back, but this is a whole new milestone. I guess this means no more letting him lay just anywhere! Oh my!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singing, Clapping, and Getting Stronger!

This little boy never ceases to amaze me! They told us once we hit the 6 month mark, milestones would happen at a quicker rate. Boy were they right! Sitting is not a problem...once in a while we tip to one side but rarely. Within this past week Connor has become much more vocal. He loves to make himself known, and will gladly join in and sing along to whatever song we are singing. He is very serious in mastering this new feat, and tries his best to match pitch. I'm not sure who is more excited with this new game, I think it may be me! American Idol season 27? I included a video of this fun new activity. I hope it brings a smile to your face! Connor has also mastered clapping. I know, it sounds like no big deal but it just melts your heart to watch him do it. His tiny hands make the softest clap in an unpredictable rhythm. Ugh, it's wonderful!

Since my last post we have moved from green beans and carrots, to sweet potatoes and squash. Sweet Potatoes went really well and he enjoyed them. Squash on the other hand might take a little longer to get used to. He literally gagged trying to swallow it down. Poor thing, the little trooper would still open his mouth to take the next spoonful, but would suffer through trying to swallow it. It was slightly comical.. is it bad a few chuckles may have escaped from Tim and I? I didn't make him eat the whole serving, but we will try it again tomorrow. I even tried to hide the squash in his oats.....oh he knew it was there. There is no fooling him. Remember, Doogie Howser.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his top teeth. Teething leads to sleepless nights and clingy baby. My sweet boy likes to be close to mommy, and will just snuggle himself up against my neck. Imagine the softest peach fuzz nuzzling into you shoulder and resting gently into the crook of your neck. mmmmmm heaven!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Half of a Year!

SIX WHOLE MONTHS HAVE PASSED US BY! What have you done in the past 6 months? I can't get over how fast it has been. I know I say that a lot, but I guess my concept of time is off just a little bit. Does motherhood do that? Our little Connor has been sitting on his own for a few weeks now. He's so very strong! He loves to laugh and sings all the time!!! He is certainly making his presence known wherever we go. Connor loves to charm people. He grabs at anything in his reach and then immediately tries to explore whatever it is with his mouth. What a stage!

Today was his 6 Month Well-Baby Check-up. I always have mixed feelings about these appointments. I love seeing how much he has grown and the amazed expressions from the doctor's as to how developed he is; I hate when he gets shots! We sang the "Hot Dog" song to distract him long enough to get one in each leg.

The Stats:
29 inches long (97th percentile)
17 lbs 13 oz (just under the 50th percentile based on length)

The Quotes:
"His upper gums look swollen, new teeth soon."

"He is really developed for his age."

"He is very advanced and alert."

"Dr. Ayuso said I should be excited to meet you. She's right, you are so handsome."

"Connor is the most amazing, beautiful, talented, charming, intelligent, incredible baby I have ever seen." .......ok that was me......

I am one proud mommy. To document this 6 month milestone we took family portraits this past Sunday. We had so much fun with Beca and I will share the wonderful pictures soon. What an amazing time in our lives. Such precious moments to cherish forever. I love my family!!!

Let me finish with Connor's new favorite activity:
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Proverbs 22:6

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

What a special poignant night it was for our family. I'll tell you now, I cried. When Pastor Thompson started to pray for the future of our little boy the water works started. My sweet baby; my love for him consumes my heart. Tim and I pray over him as we put him into his crib every night, it is part of our bedtime routine. We pray for everything, for the present and for what is to come. Most importantly we pray that Connor will come to know the Lord and follow His ways. I am so overwhelmed.

Here's daddy's perspective:

To this date, the proudest moment of my life has been the day that my little buddy came into this world. I am sure that will always be tops, but I know that the day Connor decides to dedicate his life to Jesus will be a close second. Kristin and I pray for Connor everynight when we lay him in his crib and that is one of the most special moments of my day. The service last night was the first step in raising our little guy in a manner pleasing to God. As we stood there in front of our Pastors, our family and our friends, we made a commitment to Connor and God that we will always put an emphasis and focus on Jesus. Although he is only 6 months old, I already pray that he will come to know and understand what Jesus did on the cross so many years ago. I thank God everyday for Connor and will continue to pray, everyday, that the Lord will give me the strength and wisdom to lead him in a way that glorifies Him.

Monday, April 4, 2011

If the end is right; It justifies the Beans!!

We tried real food last night. Not just oats but substance. We're talking the thing strong men are made of.....GREEN BEANS! I wanted to start him on veggies because I have a huge sweet tooth and I didn't want to get him hooked on fruits first. Above is his first bite. He's thinking, "Surely this has to taste better if I'm going to take another bite". Thankfully he did take another bite, and another and finished about half of the container. I should have started with the green beans and not the oats cereal, but now I'll know. This kid likes food, and for that I'm thankful. Hopefully he doesn't develop my weird quirks about food touching or Tim's texture thing. I want him to always be willing to try new things! That's what life is made of!

Connor had his 6 month GI appointment today, and will have his 6 month Well-Baby appointment next week. As of today he weighed a whopping 17 lbs and 6 oz! He was also 26 inches long! He is certainly an armload and so very precious. His personality is showing more and more, and the new faces he is making keep Tim and I entertained for hours. We're going through a little bit of the separation anxiety stage, and he certainly favors Me, Tim, or Grandma G over others, but we take it one day at a time. After his amazing night of sleep last week things went downhill, but we had a pretty good night last night. I'll take one night a's better than nothing at all!
We love to go outside on the weekends. We'll set up an umbrella and soak up the sunshine and fresh air. Connor loves looking at everything and thinks grass is very cool. He'll move back the towel until he can touch it. Soon we'll get in the pool and have some fun pool time! Until then we'll have fun splashing in his tub. It's inflatable and sits right inside the big tub, he tries to eat the cartoon fish on the sides. What a goober!