Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sowing his Wild Oats

We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are. —-Adelle Davis
Little by little we have added a bit of Gerber's Oats Cereal to Connor's bottle in the evening. Now, I was too afraid to even try a whole tablespoon (given Connor's belly problems) so I've only been putting in a few teaspoons, but that all changed this past weekend. Connor's Great Grandparents (the Hebebrands) came into town and we had a fun family night introducing a new thicker mixture of oats to Connor. He took to it immediately! He had been showing signs of interest over the past week, opening his mouth and licking his lips while we all ate. This little boy knew just what to do when that spoon came up to his mouth. He opened wide and took everything that was given too him. He would even get frustrated if I didn't bring him a scoop fast enough. He finished the prepared 2 oz like a champ, and was ready for the remaining bottle waiting for him. He loved it! Since then I have been able to prepare some oats for him at his 5:30/6pm feeding. He takes about 3 1/2 oz and loves it. Daddy had his first try at it tonight and they had so much fun together!
We figured teeth = food! Boy did he love it!

Here's a good shot of his new pearly whites. The doctor said they are growing in well, and we are still shaking our heads at how early it is. Thankfully he was at the end of his cold by Saturday morning and feeling like his sweet baby self. As he finished his cold I caught it. Mommy is still trying to get over these sniffles! I love having him back to "normal" and amazingly he slept really well this weekend. We actually got to 5am one night! That's the second time EVER! Way to go Connor, you're such a big boy!

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  1. Its really a good thing hes getting teeth early! That way he will be able to try more and more foods and not choke. Hannah didnt get her first tooth til 7 months and she was a BIG CHOKER lol!