Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, March 11, 2011

5 Months Old

My how the time flies!!! Our little dot is truly turning into a little boy who is ever so curious about life, and loves to grab things. His giggles and coos never get old, and he loves to talk to everyone just to let them know he's still there. His 3-6 Month clothes are starting to get too small, and we are almost ready to put him exclusively in 6 month clothing. They fit him perfectly length wise, but his waist isn't quite big enough to fill it out. He gets better and better every day at his walker, and his tummy time is lasting a little longer as well. He can sit with support, and is doing a great job with eating his oats at his dinner feeding. He'll be sprinting before we know it!

He has officially slept without being in his car seat for 2 weeks. I have a wedge placed in his bassinet and he has taken well to being a little more flat. Now to move him to his crib. We attempted this on Monday night and I don't think Tim or I was ready for it. The moment I saw that the bassinet wasn't next to my side of the bed I lost it. I did well with his nightly routine, and was even able to place him into his crib and walk back into our room. At that point I proceeded to cry some more and with tears on my cheeks I watched the monitor for the next 20 minutes. At that point Tim and I made a joint decision that we weren't ready, and maybe we should attempt this in steps. First step, move bassinet to the foot of our bed....check. Second step, have him start taking naps in his crib....check. Third step, for his bed time (before 10:30pm feeding) put him in crib.....working on it. I never imagined he would still be in our room this long, but with his reflux and his special monitor all bets were off. He had no problem being in his crib, it was daddy and I that weren't ready.

We introduced Connor to the water in a new way this past week as well. He got dunked! We spent some swimming time in mom's big jacuzzi tub and it was interesting for all of us! He had fun learning how to splash, and especially liked it when he got mommy in the face! Dunking him under the water was interesting and I personally wasn't a fan of his reaction. I know it was pure shock and he was fine, but it wasn't my favorite. I look forward to the day when I can tell him to hold his breath and he can anticipate what is to come. We made sure he enjoyed his time in the water and it was an overall good experience. We are a family of water babies and he was inducted into the hall of fame.

Connor also came to our Second Annual AWK8 Softball Game. He was there to cheer on mommy's team and watch daddy pitch. He was such a good boy for grandma, and though mommy's team lost it was a beautiful and slightly comical day we all got to spend together.

I still can't believe we are one month away from the half-year mark. These months have been life changing. His growth and gains have been incredible. Connor is AH-MAZING!
Mommy's little fan!
Splash time is fun!
What a big boy!

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