Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Bug

It has finally happened. Connor has gotten sick. To say that this has not been one of the more stressful weeks we have had since his birth would be a lie. Although Connor has dealt with his share of issues (Colic, reflux…), this is the first time he has “come down” with something. It all started last week. On Monday (which happened to be Valentines Day), Kristin took Connor in for his 4 month wellness checkup. It is hard to believe I just wrote that. It really does feel like just a few days ago I was sending out text messages that he had been born. Anywho, the 4 month checkup is accompanied by shots. Connor, being the trooper that he is, took them in stride and went on with his day. Later that night, mommy and daddy were getting ready to go out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants (Palm American Grille) when we noticed that Connor was looking a little down and had a slight fever. That "down and out" and slight fever has led to 3 more visits to the Doctor with another scheduled for Saturday morning. Connor has a viral cold and an ear infection. Our poor little guy is on so much medicine it is amazing. It kills me to look at him and see his poor little nose running and his cheeks flush and rosy. Despite it all, he is trying his hardest to be a happy baby. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our share of cry fests but when that is not happening he is smiling and playing the best he can. What a 2 weeks it has been. I won't even mention trying to sleep at night...

On a more positive note, Spring Training officially kicks off for the Petersen’s when the Red Sox take on Boston College on Saturday afternoon. I am really excited and Connor has no idea what is about to happen. If I had my way, Connor’s first full sentence would be “Yankees Stink!” (and that's the nice way to say it). I know that won’t happen, but it will be a very familiar phrase in our household, so I won’t be surprised if he learns that young. I have already taken the liberty of laying out all of Connor’s Red Sox clothing and planning ahead for when he should wear it (everyday from now until November when we will celebrate their World Series win together).

I understand now when I hear a parent say there are very few things worse than a sick child. I know he will get better and this is not a serious illness but just looking at him and knowing that he feels bad makes me feel bad. Everyone has really come together to slow down and care for him. Errands can wait, he comes first. I want my little buddy to get better and get back to his happy self. Hopefully this weekend will do the trick.

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  1. I'm so sorry that he is sick. I'll pray for him. When Heidi came down with the RSV thing and had to spend a week in the hospital it made me so upset. I knew she would be ok but it was the worst feeling seeing her suffer and not being able to take it away. Such a hard thing to go through.