Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1 Year Ago my life Changed

Have you ever experienced something so monumental that you just knew your life was never going to be the same? One year ago Tim and I walked into my doctor's office and they gave us the best news of our lives! Was it really finally happening? Were we really going to become parents? Being able to experience our memories (go ahead, click it) of that day all over again brings it right back! The excitement and anticipation, the raw emotion, the fear, the joy; it seems like it was yesterday. I know it wasn't for I am able to look down and see my precious little boy asleep in my lap right now. We have come so far, and we have been so blessed. I am greatly aware of the treasure we were given.

Yesterday was also Connor's 4 Month Birthday! HE IS FOUR MONTHS OLD! I don't know why but it seems like so much more of a milestone than any other before. I can honestly say that it still feels like I just had him. My body is still healing, we are still dealing with many of his same problems, and he is still sleeping (kind of) in his bassinet right next to me. Yet, I feel like he's older, he's changed so much, and the "C" word is gone! He's no longer a "newborn" but an infant. He doesn't just lay there like a blob, but he's trying to sit up on his own, and he loves to interact with those around him. He loves his walker, and it's amazing to think he first experienced being upright like that on Christmas day. He took to it immediately. I think his belly needs it! As for his reflux it's starting to change from the silent form to the projectile kind. The episodes of choking are diminishing and now he is able to clear it from his throat, though it ends up all over us. I no longer change my clothes after spit up #1, nor #2. I view it as badges of honor, like the girl scouts, except I didn't get a pretty sash to store them on! His belly also affects his bowel movements and he's constipated almost all of the time. We're lucky if every third day he passes something. On those days he's miserable, and we're miserable. Kerosyrup, prune juice, warm compresses, you name it, we've tried it. Poor little guy. Never was I so excited to see poop! I think we scare him with the hoops and hollers (and sometimes gags) that he gets for a dirty diaper!

The Super Bowl was on Sunday and this little boy loves football like his daddy! I think the colors on the screen are just perfect for his little eyes. Of course we got him decked out in his favorite team, who cares if they weren't playing! We make them Dol-fans early down here! I can already see into our future of daddy/Connor games in the backyard where Connor scores most of the touchdowns but daddy has the most fun.

Connor is 4 months old! Here is what I still know...The Lord is unfailing in his promises, and Tim and I are truly blessed!


  1. I'm sure you prefer the projectile rather than the choking episodes.

    And he isn't crying in his 4 month picture! That's my favorite part!

    PS We're going to Alaska. (Yes, it's Saturday and that was my first thought when I woke up this morn- afternoon.)

  2. I did click on the memories link. Such an exciting day!! God has truly blessed you two with a beautiful baby boy!!