Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, January 21, 2011

Development, Month 3

As I sit here and write this my little Connor-boy is sitting in his walker attempting to push himself around. He's able to slightly scoot himself backwards because he can just reach the floor with his little toes. I am in complete awe. There is not a day that goes by that I am not amazed. He loves to stand on his legs, and though he probably wont last too long in the walker (maybe 10 min.) he is completely content to sit independently and show his mommy how strong he is. Is this the same baby we brought home 3 months ago? That baby came home attached to a billyblanket and was so tiny. This little baby, though he still deals daily with his severe reflux, is growing like a weed and talking up a storm. So maybe he's not sleeping through the night, and maybe he eats every 2 hours, but we are no less thrilled with how far we have all come!

This past weekend was MLK Day and we took the opportunity to head outdoors and enjoy ourselves. Our first stop was Knaus Farms in Homestead. This has long been a Petersen tradition and though the strawberry field's were not open, we still enjoyed the amazing sticky buns and milkshakes. Everyone was happy!

I have to stay away from dairy while I am nursing Connor because he can't process the proteins, and I suffered through watching everyone else savor the homemade milkshakes. Thick, frothy, chocolatey, filling, homemade milkshakes. Ok, so I was fine with everyone enjoying their share, but now I'm regretting it!

Our next stop was Miami MetroZoo. When we started out it was just slightly drizzling. We thought we would only stay a little while and then head out. Halfway around the first loop it started to pour!!!! There was no turning back. We were all ready to leave but the exit seemed to grow legs and retreat every time we thought we were close. Our map disintegrated with the water, and with their new construction the way we used to go to leave was closed, talk about being caught out in the rain! It was no longer stop and look at the animals. It turned it to glancing in their general direction as we raced by...oh look bears, oh look rhinos, oh look no way out! We did enjoy the aviary, and to be honest the animals were actually really active out in the rain. They seemed to be enjoying their shower! Daddy did a good job keeping Connor completely dry, and we have a funny story to tell him when he's older. "Hey, remember that time we went to the zoo in the rain...."
Connor is trying all sorts of new things. From his walker, to rice cereal, to his Bumbo. He loves his bumbo, and his walker, and I'm going to wait a little while longer to try rice cereal again. Rice cereal creates the worst smelling gas I think I have ever experienced. I only put a few teaspoons in a bottle I pumped (I was too afraid to try a whole tablespoon), and not only did it not help his sleep it gave him gas. We will try again at 4 months. As for the Bumbo, it's along the same lines as his walker. He loves to use his muscles and be independent! If you hold him facing out he will try to sit up on his own! Next we're going to find him at the gym lifting weights!
Last but not least I would like to leave you with his 3 month old picture......

No caption necessary:


  1. What is a Bumbo??
    And I love that first picture of him. Frame-able.
    And The milkshakes aren't THAT good. It's soft-serve ice cream. Lame. At least you got sticky buns...
    I like hearing about him in his walker! That's sweet.

  2. I love Connor's smiles!! It's OK if he was fussy in the 3-month rocker photo - he'll probably smile next time. Were you "Singin' in the Rain" at the zoo? Connor scooting himself backwards reminds me of Cindy learning to crawl and going backwards ending up half under the couch! LOL Enjoy these times!