Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Miracles and a New Year

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.~Burton Hillis
I have a baby. A real, sweet, cooing, adorable, loving baby. That "C word" is all but a thing of the past. Connor still has belly problems, and we still have choking episodes, but the marathon hours of crying hasn't happened in weeks. That my friend is a real Christmas Miracle. The Lord gave me a real gift this Christmas, the ability to sit back and relish in my sweet precious little boy. No gift can compare to that. He still doesn't sleep through the night because of his belly but he does have a personality, and everyday I look forward to what he's going to do and how we will interact with each other. This may be vain, but I LOVE how he lights up when he sees me. I look forward to coming into any room where he is.

With Christmas brings family, and it was a joy to have Grandma and Grandpa Hebebrand come and fawn over him. They took every moment they had here to love on him. He responds well to being held by anyone and those who get to always get smiles from him and cooing. What a sweet boy. I have a feeling he will use that against me one day.....I know it's going to be hard to say "no" to him.

Connor had a wonderful first Christmas. He was in awe of all of the pretty lights, and I have the urge to keep our Christmas tree purely to keep him entertained! We started a new tradition at our house this year, and I made a lovely Christmas Eve dinner to be shared with my family. It turned out fine, except for my undercooked potatoes, but I guess that gives me something a challenge to make better for next year! I made a roast....a real roast. I was nervous, but everyone seemed to like it, and to be honest it was truly about the company.
Here we are by our tree after the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. Connor's a stud!
Here is Connor-boy ready for Santa to come. No, this year we didn't set out any cookies, but I'm sure next year it will be a bigger deal! Yay for crescent shapes missing from sugary goodness!

I thought Connor wouldn't be as aware of presents considering he is only 2 months old, but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course he couldn't open them, but when we showed him the presents he would definitely respond. Each gift was exciting. We didn't go nuts, just a few things for him, but enough for him to have something to play with over the next few months.

Here is Santa Baby smiling during his nap. Talk about loving Christmas!

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed Christmas too. Mom surprised us with an iPad and accessories and we have now officially played Scrabble everyday since the 25th. Marathon sessions, played by all....hours of fun I assure you.
To ring in the new year, and since we go every year for the Christmas decorations, we went to Disney World. This is a milestone in this Disney fanatic family. We thought we were crazy to be heading in on New Year's Eve, and it was certainly crowded (Magic Kingdom reached capacity and closed by 10:15 am), but we all had a ton of fun. I got a little teary eyed on Main Street USA knowing that we will have many more memories made here, and I can't wait until Connor can really enjoy it.

He lit right up when he met Minnie, and then wasn't too sure about Mickey. He really likes the ladies. What a charmer!

How fun! We actually got to take him right on Buzz Lightyear. I can honestly say I didn't see a single bit of the ride (evidently there are changes to some of the creatures you shoot) because I was so preoccupied with taking video and pictures. Three cars of crazy people taking pictures of a little baby must have been hysterical to watch. To be a fly on the wall there....

We also did the People Mover and Haunted Mansion. He loved it all, and took in every moment. I think I was more nervous in our Doom Buggy purely because I couldn't see his face every second. I know it stems from the idea of not being able to help him when he chokes, and until he grows out of it, we're not going to anymore dark places. Yes, we sleep with the closet light on every night. Yes, it's slightly annoying. Yes, it's totally worth it.

What a Spectacle! We got to see the Osbourne lights and Connor loved the show. He also loved when his Aunt Kaitlyn, Uncle Casey, and mommy sang and danced for him to "All I want for Christmas is You". We all know I'm not shy, and I'm more than willing to make myself look like a fool if Connor loves it! "Youuuuuuuuuuuu, baby."
Our little one did so well throughout the day, and was able to stretch his feedings to more than every 2 hours. As the minutes ticked down and the fireworks started he was already fast asleep. The echoing booms of the fireworks didn't stir him and I got to hold him into this new year. What a precious gift we were given in 2010. Tim and I look even more forward to the future and to what 2011 holds. No resolutions this year, just to enjoy every moment and live life to it's fullest. The Lord has blessed us, and we are truly grateful for His love, mercy, and kindness.

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