Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Monday, November 1, 2010

3 Week Strong

It's official, Connor's Jaundice levels are stable and as of Tuesday we no longer had the Billiblanket. As for his weight we went to the Pediatrician's office 3 times this past week and he was up to 7lbs on Friday. The doctor finally told us that we do not need to come back until his one month check-up! Wahoo!!! I say that's cause for celebration. We can now breathe a little easier, and as long as I maintain his feeding schedule he should continue to gain weight! Granted, most new born size clothing still does not fit him. He's so tiny!

He may be tiny but he is VERY strong. He already rolls everywhere (he comes with warning: Do not leave unattended) and while holding him he lifts his head back to look at you. I cannot believe his ability to move his head around. I keep telling him to stop because he's growing too quickly! He loves to grab onto something while you're holding him, and you might end up with a stretched collar, or a broken necklace. We are still dealing with his silent reflux, and it's scary when he chokes and stops breathing. That kept me up most of the night last night. He started to choke and I had to aspirate him. Talk about feeling very shaken up afterwards. I'll lay in bed and just listen to his breathing all night long to make sure he's ok. Hopefully that is one thing he WILL grow out of quickly. Don't worry we've loaded up on Little Tummy's, Gripe Water, and we have a prescription for Prevacid. Something has to work!

Our little boy got to celebrate his first official holiday yesterday and he enjoyed every minute of it.....asleep! Our little bat still went trick or treating and scored great candy for his daddy. The neighbors really enjoyed seeing him, and it was so special to have him out and walking around. We've only taken small walks around our neighborhood, so this was a lot of fun to really get out and about. Tim and I took turns pushing the stroller and it was such a glimpse into our future. I loved every minute of it, Connor didn't know the difference. Tim and I went as sleep deprived parents...we would have won any costume contest, we were so convincing!


  1. He's the cutest bat I ever did see! Ps. The listening to them breathing at night, never really goes away. I still do it to Jayden, and he's 3 1/2 and my dad told me he still does it to us (after all these years) when we go home to visit.