Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Monday, October 4, 2010

Final Doctor's Visit

It's interesting how things become your "last". For example, today was my "last" Monday at school before Connor. I'm looking forward to my "last" Girl's Night B.C. Last night was our "last" Family Night B.C. Tim and I will have our "last" Date Night B.C. Friday. Today was my "last" Doctor's Appointment B.C.! WOW OH WOW! We listened to his heartbeat and she informed us that he was "still there" glad the wiggling thing jabbing my ribs wasn't a parasite.

Here are the new and improved stats:

Dilation: 2 Cent
Effacement: 60%

I call that progress!!

I can't believe it's all coming to a close. I went shopping yesterday with Mom for some last min things I hadn't gotten yet and I really felt it gave me some assurance that I am well prepared. I've had major contractions today, but of course not the right kind although super uncomfortable! I'm ready for these practice contractions to be the real thing....well kind of. I say that now, but certainly won't be saying it at the time they come! The school is throwing my shower this Wednesday and I certainly hope I make it to that day. We will see!!

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  1. Sooooooo excited!! We are praying for you!! Love you all!! Love, Aunt Merilee