Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, August 6, 2010

Maternity Pics

What a fun day yesterday was!!! I drove down to Coral Gables to meet up with my friend Anthony, his wife Magda, and their gorgeous little girl Autumn, to pick up some baby items they are so graciously letting me borrow. I only got lost a little bit on the trip, but that's just par for the course when driving around Miami. It was so wonderful to see them and visit, and they made it even more special by putting together a little photoshoot. To be honest, I'm a little self conscious about this changing body of mine, but I am so thrilled by how these turned out. Anthony is truly talented and I love his little family!!! Here are some of the shots he got, he's still working on putting more up, so I'll add little by little.

On my way out the door yesterday I noticed a HUGE box on my front porch that FedEx had dropped off. I lugged it inside and decided to wait until Tim was home to open it. Low and behold it was the stroller I wanted!!! My sweet dad, grandma and grandpa purchased it for little Connor and Tim and I put it together as soon as was humanly possible!! We love it. Thank you guys!

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