Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Blues

It has has started! The moment I dreaded all summer long has become a reality and I am back to work. I'm blaming the hormones for crying Sunday night just thinking about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm beyond thankful to have a good job, but this has just been a terrific summer and I didn't want it to end. Waking up at my leisure, and taking as long as I need to get things done is such a luxury. Here we are not even through the first week and I'm completely exhausted. Do you think I can take a nap during my planning hour?

I do have many things to celebrate though. My incredible husband, who has been working very very hard these past 18 months, completed his Masters Degree in Business through Liberty University. His last day was Friday and he is now enjoying his new found freedom. Since his completion we have taken a Babymoon, he's played golf, and he's going hunting this weekend. Talk about a guy who's ready to get out and about!!! He deserves every minute of it, he's earned it. There are great things on the horizon and an MBA will only help him get there. What's great is he will be "walking" with Casey this coming May at LU. How special will that be? It's incredible how the Lord works things out.

As for the Babymoon, Tim and I had a fabulous weekend. With him finishing, and me about to begin school, he thought it was the perfect time to just get away one last time before Connor gets here. We stayed on the executive level at the Hilton in Naples and loved every indulgent minute of it. What could be better than great quality time together? We enjoyed hors d'oeuvres every evening at 5, and woke up to a delicious continental breakfast. Our big dinner out was to Shula's for amazing steaks. We had a gift card, and then once arriving at the hotel we received $10 off and then a coupon for free, we ate well!!! Connor enjoyed the filet mignon!! That'a boy! The hotel even offered a complimentary shuttle service to the beach where they provided for us beach chairs, towels, and a cooler with bottled water. We were in heaven!!! Now can you understand why Sunday night was so tragic? Back to reality.

One more highlight of being in the Ft. Myers area was meeting up with Grant and Renee. Renee is starting to really cultivate her passion for photography and suggested we do a little photo shoot. The four of us met up early Sunday morning, before it was too hot, and proceeded to have a great time. I remember more laughter than picture taking, but Renee continued to click away while we all enjoyed our time together. She captured some wonderful shots of Tim, the belly, and I and that's what's up at the top. I'm so blessed to have such great artistic documentation of this period in my life. Contact her if you're on the West Coast!

Another exciting moment from this weekend was the birth of baby Nathaniel Rainer!! You know, this is going to be one of Connor's very best friends. Sarah had her baby early Saturday morning and I just couldn't wait to meet this handsome little guy. Tim and I got to visit with the Rainer's Tuesday night and I was in awe of how precious Nathaniel is. It was a special moment to hold Nathaniel resting on my belly, and feel Connor moving around beneath him. When Nathaniel would twitch or move, Connor would do a similar twitch in response. It was a little surreal, and of course it meant they already like each other! haha! What a beautiful loving family they make. Tim and I are lucky to have them as friends!

So, it's back to school, back to the grind, back to the middle schoolers. I'm sure I can handle it just with a little more exhaustion than usual. I do have more classes, filled with more students, this year, but I know I will survive. I just keep telling myself "7 more weeks, you can do it".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Showered With Love

"Children are one third of our population and all of our future. "

This past weekend was a momentous occasion in my life. Many of the dearest women in my life came together for a beautiful brunch and showered little Connor with many gifts and blessings. The Baby Shower that my mom spearheaded surpassed my wildest expectations. I'm truly touched by the way my friends came together and each had a special part of this sweet day. I know that my mom lost many hours of sleep over this amazing event, and I will never be able to thank her enough. Even Casey and Tim were there to lend a hand. I saw in an instant the payoff of months of planning, and I was immediately humbled by the experience. From the table settings that were decorated with the prettiest centerpieces and the most beautiful China, to the amazing spread of food that was so lovingly prepared, each corner of the room was filled with a special touch. I am still moved by how wonderful it all was.

It was amazing the outpouring of generosity that came in the form of gifts for little Connor. As each person came the pile of beautifully wrapped presents grew. After a touching Devotional time it was time to eat. There was enough food for double the amount of guests, and we are still eating all of the goodies. It was very quickly time to open presents and that was a great endeavor. Connor received so many wonderful things that I can't wait to use and dress him in. The presents ranged from things for the nursery to adorable little outfits. Many items were related to the Red Sox nusery theme, and Tim was beyond thrilled when he saw them all. Some things were lovingly made for Connor like blankets, layette's, and my mom even quilted his entire crib bedding. These are such special things that he will have for the rest of his life. Anecdotally there were no bottles in the bunch of goodies. Not to worry we are set with everything else we could possibly want and need, and then some.

Tim and I are beyond grateful to the outpouring of love and generosity that was shown on Saturday for our little boy. We are so excited to bring Connor home, and have him meet all of these special people we have in our lives. He is so lucky to be so surrounded by love and support.

A picture of one of the centerpieces and the beautiful cups and saucers that were at each place setting.

The super yummy spread!!

Mom, Kaitlyn, and I (here I'm 30 weeks) with some of the gifts.

With one of the very special Red Sox gifts, this one sent by Aunt Carol.

The quilt that mom made that goes with the entirely hand made crib set. Very special!

Some of the special ladies that were at the shower.

The back of our car. No it didn't all fit, yes I'm still sorting through it all, and yes the thank you cards are done!!!
What an amazing Baby Shower it was. I am so lucky I sometimes have to pinch myself.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Shorter Countdown

Tomorrow marks 30 weeks. This weekend signifies 2 months left. The tightness in my belly informs me that I will be meeting little Connor very shortly. Is summer really over? Am I really going back to school? How did it all go by so quickly? I am in awe that very soon I will be holding my precious little baby.

One thing that makes it even more real is the anticipation of Connor's upcoming Baby Shower. (Am I really at that stage in my life? How incredible.) I'm looking forward to seeing all of my loved ones and having some relaxing and fun girl time. My biggest struggle recently has been staying away from peeking at my registries. Why is that such a pull? It is such a temptation, and I really do want to be surprised, but every once in a while I feel a tug to go and wander around on those particular websites. I think I've been a pretty good girl about it though. I'm excited to see who purchased what, and be able to think about that person when we use that gift. I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family who are so giving and thoughtful.

Another big temptation happens at mom's house. I know there are all sorts of surprises tucked in corners of certain rooms and I so desperately want to go on a treasure hunt. Yes, I was one of those children who enjoyed shaking the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree and trying to guess what everything was. Somehow I would beg enough and we would be allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve, just to satisfy my intense curiosity. As I have grown up, I now enjoy the thrill of the surprise more than the guessing game I used to play, and I've done well to stay put in the living room at mom's house so as not to stumble upon all the goodies. Right now, I'm super excited to see the bedding mom has made for Connor's Crib. I got to participate in the picking of the fabric, but that was the last I saw of the project, and I just cannot wait to see it, I know it will be incredible.

I am just beyond thankful to all of the girls, and my mom, who have been working so hard to bring the Shower together. I am so thankful for the ladies who are coming, and I already miss those who won't be able to make it. It's only two days away and I know it will be fabulous. Connor is so blessed to have such wonderful women in his life already, and I'm so excited that he will meeting them soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Maternity Pics

What a fun day yesterday was!!! I drove down to Coral Gables to meet up with my friend Anthony, his wife Magda, and their gorgeous little girl Autumn, to pick up some baby items they are so graciously letting me borrow. I only got lost a little bit on the trip, but that's just par for the course when driving around Miami. It was so wonderful to see them and visit, and they made it even more special by putting together a little photoshoot. To be honest, I'm a little self conscious about this changing body of mine, but I am so thrilled by how these turned out. Anthony is truly talented and I love his little family!!! Here are some of the shots he got, he's still working on putting more up, so I'll add little by little.

On my way out the door yesterday I noticed a HUGE box on my front porch that FedEx had dropped off. I lugged it inside and decided to wait until Tim was home to open it. Low and behold it was the stroller I wanted!!! My sweet dad, grandma and grandpa purchased it for little Connor and Tim and I put it together as soon as was humanly possible!! We love it. Thank you guys!