Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Strong and Loving God

This is what girlfriends are for:

One thing God has spoken,Two things I have heard:That you, O God, are STRONGAnd that you, O Lord are LOVING.Psalm 62:11

Let me tell you a little story. Our news this past Thursday wasn't completely and only good news. While they were doing the sonogram to find out the gender they found a cyst that had formed in Connor's brain. I can say we felt a rollercoaster of emotions that day filled with highs and lows. The midwife we saw said it could be absolutely nothing, or it could indicate something wrong with Connor's development. They of course referred me to have a Level II Ultrasound of which I had yesterday. I had done a really good job staying off of the internet and looking up all of the syndromes that were associated with a choroid plexus cyst, but I had a moment of weakness the day before my appointment and did some digging. BAD IDEA. Let me suggest you never do that, it's not worth the hours of worry and sinking feeling that it brings with it. When you see Down's Syndrome, Edward's Syndrome, and Spina Bifida roll across your screen, your heart breaks for the little baby growing inside of you. I let some people in on our hours of crisis and I can honestly say that this episode was well prayed over. Going into my appointment yesterday I felt such a peace at what the Lord had in store. The doctor's office was very nice (praise the Lord) and we had a very indepth appointment. The skilled technician took many incredible pictures, of which Connor wanted to cover his face and hide, and the Doctor went over each picture slide by slide. I must say they did very thorough measurements of EVERYTHING and they completely ruled out Down's (by measuring his brain), Edward's (by his incredible growth, he was at 20wks 5days yesterday), and Spina Bifida (with a beautiful picture of his perfect spine). We could even see his little lips and they ruled out cleft pallet. The doctor said he looks like a perfectly formed little boy, and as a bonus we have beautiful sonogram pictures to prove it. We even looked at all 4 chambers of the heart and his little stomach, and the way his blood flows in and out of his umbilical chord. The doctor says that sometimes babies have cysts, just little pockets of fluid that get trapped, and eventually they will dissolve and go away. I can remember looking over at Tim and my mom sitting in the room with me and I started to tear up. My little baby boy is ok. Oh Lord thank you for listening to our prayers, thank you for hearing the cry of my heart. So I must say thank you one more time to my prayer warriors, I am ever so grateful for you.

Now onto some is 20 weeks!! I officially have a bump!! Little Connor is 13 ounces already!

Here you can see him covering his face with his hand....poor thing didn't want to be bothered!

His cute little profile! His chin is hiding!

It's his wittle foot!
To leave you with a cute little story I have to mention that Tim likes to play Major League Baseball 2005 on his PS2. He doesn't play very often, but he usually does if I'm out of the house for whatever reason. Months ago, when he found out I was pregnant he decided to create another character to play for his Red Sox team, and named him Connor Petersen....I think he was already hoping then. I don't know why, but I think it's so endearing! Connor's already playing for the Red Sox. Oh Boy!

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  1. That's my cute little nephew! And I am in no way surprised that Tim created a Connor player on MLB. I'm excited to work on that nursery!