Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Disney the Preggo Way

Well, I did it. I spent a week at Disney in the middle of June with a Heat Wave and survived. The few times we did venture out during the day it felt like you were standing next to a car muffler. I won't lie, it was hot, brutally hot. Thankfully my very loving and understanding family made the deal of only going to the parks during the extra magic hours, which translates to late at night. For example we did 10pm until 2am at the Magic Kingdom and it was pleasant enough not to want to streak. During the day we went to the pools, watched reruns of Friends, or spent time shopping at the outlets, and I even got to go Wedding Dress Shopping with Heather. We certainly found ways to stay inside the AC. We stayed in a cabin at Disney's Fort Wilderness, and I kept it right around 68 degrees....don't worry, I don't think it ever once hit that number, the AC had a little trouble keeping up. Should I even mention we lost power 3 times? Cooking dinner, AC blasting, people taking showers, and one blow drying her hair does not bode well for a circuit breaker. It also doesn't bode well for a preggo when the cabin is heating up and the power is out for an hour. At that point we scarfed down dinner and headed to Animal Kingdom. Side Note: Animal Kingdom happens to be the hottest park to go to because of all of the foliage and lack of room for air to blow around. In other words, Animal Kingdom is perfect in February. Another Side Note is that most of Animal Kingdom is closed during the extra magic hours and only people who don't have babies in their bellies can go on anything that happens to be open. My fun ride for the evening was in the wheel chair they rented for me. That wheel chair came in handy when we went to see Festival of the Lion about great seats and no waiting in line. Tim even got picked to lead our elephant group, and he did a fantastic job. We only rented a wheel chair 2 of the nights we were in the parks. The second place was Epcot, and that was purely because of the size of the park. Everyone was really able to enjoy every park we went into, and got to do all of the rides they wanted. I enjoyed the more relaxed Soarin', Pirate's, the Great Movie Ride, and lucked out with the new Toy Story Ride. Everyone else scored with multiple rides on the Tower of Terror, Test Track, Everest, and Space Mountain. Listen, I was fine with it because I sat in nice air conditioned shops while they waited in line. Don't worry, I've spent my fair share on all of those rides with my numerous visits to WDW in the past. The most important part was how much fun we all had together, even when our Mickey Bars melted before we could even eat them.

While we were in Orlando Grandma and Grandpa Hebebrand, and even Dale, came down to visit. We spent all of Saturday with them and it was so fun being together and having them witness my baby bump. To see the joy on their faces about this upcoming great grandchild really warms my heart. Grandpa was telling everybody about this little boy. Strangers in the lobby heard, our waitress at dinner, anyone he could find who would listen got the news. It's precious. Grandma of course brought her bags of things, and she had scored some very cute little outfits I can't wait to try on little Connor. I really enjoyed this trip with my family. Of course it's fun to go to Disney, and very interesting when rides are limited, but I enjoy the intricate way our personalities fit together like a puzzle. Kaitlyn of course had fun pin trading with every worker she could find, mom loved having us together in one place, Casey enjoyed all of the art we stopped to look at, and Tim loved feeling Connor kick everywhere we went. That little boy will be ready for Disney once he gets here that's for sure. We already have our first trip planned. Roxy even got to go, and she stayed at the Kennel that is right on Fort Wilderness property. We tried to take about an hour everyday to go over and visit her. She loved being out in the open, next to the horse stables, chasing after birds and retreiving sticks we threw. She's a spoiled-by-love pup.

Tim and I were lucky to stay longer in Orlando even after my family left. We got to spend quality time with the Allen's and nothing could be better than face time with Heather. While we were there with them we took time to go to De Leon Springs and swim in the frigid pool and eat in their cute little restaurant where you make pancakes right at your table. What a fabulous vacation. We will have one more get away in July up to North Carolina, and I'm looking forward to the temperature up there. Heaven is in those Smokey Mountains.

Here is Tuesday night, almost 22 weeks at Epcot. The bump is here.

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  1. And I love the rides that you could go on! Even if our Great Movie Ride driver wasn't the best. And what about Jungle Cruise?? That was great at night!
    It was a fun time. Especially with the discovery of those chocolate-covered fudge oreos at Downtown Disney!
    Please don't be toooo busy over summer. I know this whole week is busy busy busy. But throughout my whole spring semester, I look forward to bro-sis time that we get when neither of us are in school or working!