Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Friday, April 2, 2010

11 Weeks

My baby is just over 2 inches long now. I just can't believe it. What started out so small is gradually increasing in size and ability. No more webbing between the fingers and toes, and kidneys that now work. Baby now has open nasal passages, and even right now the torso is straightening out more and more. No more alien, shrimp, blob.....but baby. Sweet, precious, little baby.

As the first trimester starts to come to a close I can't believe it has been so relatively easy. So I've been tired, big deal. That's not worst case scenario by any means. Some people hug the big porcelain bowl the entire time. There have been a few days of not having my sea legs, but otherwise it's been smooth sailing. I did end up in tears after watching a St. Jude Children's Hospital Commercial, but I think I would have cried even if I weren't preggo. I cry at commercials...that's nothing new.

We're thinking within the next few weeks we'll be ready to make the news public. You know, take out the front page of the Miami Herald. Headline: "Tim and Kristin Will Soon be called Daddy and Mommy"! So weird! So exciting! So marvelous! We constantly muse about what we think the little one is going to look like. Whose features will be more dominant. Tim's lips, my eyes, who knows! I do know that it has been "fearfully and wonderfully made"!


  1. Merilee and Buzz BakewellApril 5, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    Just viewed the entire blog! WOW!! It is neat to read all of your thoughts. This baby is already well-loved!! Parents, too! We love you both! Aunt Merilee & Uncle Buzz

  2. Yes you were blessed to not have much sickness!

    I was so emotional too, an extremely noticeable change from what I used to be... but honestly... It didn't go away. Having my children, so beautiful and healthy with me everyday makes me 24/7 emotional mama (for 15 years now).

    I am still praying for you!!! Love Cindy

  3. Thank U 4 All the news.I am late catching up on everything