Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So this little gweeseling is giving me a headache. No, seriously, I am officially suffering from severe migraines because of my changing hormones. Here is what happened:
Friday evening we went to the Sheridan House Auction. It was a wonderful event but I wasn't able to really focus on it. While we were standing around during the silent auction I noticed that something was wrong with my vision. I couldn't see what I wanted to look at. It was as if I had looked at a bright light, and that spot was now blacked out in my vision. It was scary but I assumed it would go away. After sitting down for the main event my right hand started to go numb. It was strange because it affected one finger at a time. Of course mom was immediately alarmed and started checking certain vital signs. I was alarmed also because I couldn't formulate the words to tell them what was going on with me. The words literally were escaping me. I felt helpless not being able to communicate what I wanted to. This all resulted in a massive migraine that lasted until I went to bed. It was terrible. Even more terrible was that it happened the next night as well. Vision, numbness, speech, massive migraine. I had another dizzy episode Monday morning and thus I called my doctor and they rushed me in. The OB I saw said that the dizzy spell was probably from low blood sugar, but he was concerned about the other symptoms.He said that the baby was fine but he referred me to a neurologist whom I saw this afternoon. My very nice neurologist did a very thorough check-up that included testing every minute reflex, and had me walking all over the office to check balance. He said that everything seems fine (no further stroke symptoms) and that he is diagnosing it as textbook severe migraines. Not fun, no medication for me, but so much better than it could have been. It was very scary not knowing what it was. It is just another example of how every pregnancy is different.

I'm still not showing yet, but I will say when I woke up this morning, before I got out of bed, I could actually feel a little lump in my belly. I looked down and sure enough a had a little bump to the left of my belly button. It was surreal. After I got up and started moving around I tried to lay back down to show Tim, but it wasn't there anymore. I'm hoping that I'll catch the little hiding machine tomorrow morning so I can show Tim.

29 more days left with my students. Maybe the migraines aren't hormone related....middle schoolers I'm sure are more than enough to do that to the average person.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waiting for the change

I can totally feel and see my body changing, but if you didn't know any better, the average person wouldn't see anything out of the ordinary. I'm told that a woman's second trimester is the thing worth writing sonnets about. This I can already understand. I can feel my energy returning, and I know that shortly I'll have a cute little round bump. Who wouldn't love that? Feeling good AND looking pregnant!! I'm excited for that stage. I won't lie, I totally cheated today, I might have left my top button unbuttoned on my pants. I obviously wore a shirt that wouldn't show anything and was more than long enough, but it just felt better not to button them. I did prove to myself they could be buttoned, but why deal with tighter pants all day? I feel good about my decision.

We went on a wonderful trip up to Virginia to our alma mater Liberty University. It was wonderful to visit Casey and as a bonus I also got to spend time with Hilary and Leslie. It was a WONDERFUL weekend filled with laughter. After the bevy of 7th grade pubescent attitudes that have built up in one of my classes, I was able to shake it all off and let it melt away into an enjoyable weekend with my loved ones. I must say I satisfied a multitude of cravings I've been having by visiting some of my all time, top of my list, favorite restaurants. I am happy to say I was a member of the clean plate club at every single one of them too! Now that has never happened before. I can never finish, but it was not a problem, and even sitting here now I could really go for some more Osaka's! Along with this fabulous weekend came a clever new baby name curtesy of the Hags.....Gweeseling. Since my so-sweet nickname in college was Gweese, they have decided to coin a new loving name on Dot. I think it's adorable and super fitting!

I'll be 14 weeks on Friday and I still can't believe it's already at that point. There are times I feel that it is going so slowly, and other times I feel like it's flying by. My mantra is: take it one day at a time. The light at the end of my most immediate tunnel is making it to Summer vacation. Only 34 more work days left and I will be floating daily in my pool....I know I can make it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going Public

Well, it's happened! Tim and I went public with our exciting news this past Sunday. It was such a thrill to post about our upcoming baby! We both changed our statuses at the exact same time, and there was a little rush of energy that ran through us and we clicked the "send" button.Oh, but it has been so worth it! The responses have been so sweet and encouraging and I'm constantly in awe of how wonderful my friends and family are. I have plenty of pictures I can finally post, and even newer sonogram pictures to load but sadly my computer isn't working for me. It'll be fixed in no time and those pictures will be up! I'll post soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Video 4/5/10

Here is a video from my doctor's appointment that was today of our little wiggle worm. Head is to the left in this one. If you look closely you can also see the heart beating. I just think it is so amazing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

11 Weeks

My baby is just over 2 inches long now. I just can't believe it. What started out so small is gradually increasing in size and ability. No more webbing between the fingers and toes, and kidneys that now work. Baby now has open nasal passages, and even right now the torso is straightening out more and more. No more alien, shrimp, blob.....but baby. Sweet, precious, little baby.

As the first trimester starts to come to a close I can't believe it has been so relatively easy. So I've been tired, big deal. That's not worst case scenario by any means. Some people hug the big porcelain bowl the entire time. There have been a few days of not having my sea legs, but otherwise it's been smooth sailing. I did end up in tears after watching a St. Jude Children's Hospital Commercial, but I think I would have cried even if I weren't preggo. I cry at commercials...that's nothing new.

We're thinking within the next few weeks we'll be ready to make the news public. You know, take out the front page of the Miami Herald. Headline: "Tim and Kristin Will Soon be called Daddy and Mommy"! So weird! So exciting! So marvelous! We constantly muse about what we think the little one is going to look like. Whose features will be more dominant. Tim's lips, my eyes, who knows! I do know that it has been "fearfully and wonderfully made"!