Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wiggle Worm

Here is how big little Dot is now! Baby's head is down and to the right. Can you see the little hand waving? In this one you can actually make out two little spots that are eyes and a nose and mouth. I think it's easier to see in person.

In this one you can see one of Dot's feet pointing at us. This was during it's dance routine!

So this past Monday I had a little episode where my blood sugar dropped, and consequently so did I. The dizziness brought me to the ground and it was really scary. I was able to get an appointment in with my new doctor, Dr. Devilla, and evidently all is fine. What a relief! Little did I know dizziness and light-headedness are pretty common with preggos! I just need to be more aware of eating protein and lots of mini-meals. Eating and more eating..... it's all about eating. The best part of the appointment was my amazing sonogram. Not nearly as clear as the one's I had from Dr. Gellman's office, but still super cool. In these sonograms we could actually see arms and hands and legs. I couldn't believe how clear those little features were on the screen. As we were sitting there listening to the swooshing of the heartbeat our little Dot started to wiggle and squirm. It was unreal. It wasn't just a little bit, Dot continued to do an amazing little dance on the screen. Hands down the coolest thing I have ever seen! My little baby is just wiggling around and getting comfortable inside of my womb. I can't wait until I can actually start to feel it. That was the most surreal part, I could see with my eyes the amazing movement going on, but couldn't feel a thing. First Trimester is almost over, hopefully my energy returns! I've never been such a slug in my life!!!

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  1. Kristin and Tim,
    Congrats again and thank you for sending the link to this blog. I am caught up reading to this date and intend to keep reading your updates about your growing bundle of joy. I hope to also keep my girls reading this too so they can see closer than every before all the little things about pregnancies and motherhood. They love it when I tell them all about mine but I don't recall everything. This is so wonderful that you can journal all this. Your Baby is blessed to have his/her story/legacy written down. I will be praying for your health and the babies and also that you can keep up these posts when things get hectic. I love you and enjoy keeping in touch this way. With excitement and anticipation, Your Cousin Cindy