Baby K Maternity

Baby K Maternity

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spreading the News

So here is my 2 month picture. Don't mind how tired I look, it's 7:00am! I feel like I look totally different from this already!
This is at dinner after picking up Casey from the airport on March 12! Tim and I had jackets on the entire night to cover up our shirts, we took them off after we passed out everyone elses amazing shirts. Casey loved his blue and brown.

Kaitlyn was just so sweet and excited. She has her shirt proudly displayed hanging up in her room!!!
Everyone with their custom made, one of a kind t-shirts! The joy that we shared that evening was so special and something I will never forget.
A few nights later we were able to go to dinner with my dad and grandma and grandpa Guise. It was another special moment and my dad was so sentimental and the hugs were generously given out. Dad's going to make such a great sweet Grandpa!
So here are the stories.....At dinner with Casey, Kaitlyn, mom and Leo it was Casey who figured it out first. After they started opening up the shirts and reading them, it took a second and a huge gasp excaped from Casey's mouth. He was so excited and couldn't stop patting my back. It took Leo looking at Kaitlyn's shirt to understand what was taking place. He had a very funny classic response. Kaitlyn sat proudly smiling and hugging her shirt. She's thrilled. My dad was just so sweet, and Grandma Jo was just thrilled. Grandpa Ernie didn't understand what was going on right away, but we filled him in quickly and I got the typical "at'a girl Kristin". I loved making the phone calls to my Aunt Merilee and cousins Megan and Lindsey. My question to them was whether or not babies were alowed at Lindsey's wedding in December. It took a second to sink in but I loved the wooping that promptly followed! My Grandma Harriet needed a second to have it settle and her yells got a little louder with each moment she understood what I was telling her. It was exactly what I thought it would be. It was special to tell my girlfriends, and even more special when some of them started crying. I didn't expect that, but I will never forget it, and I am constantly aware of how lucky I am to have such wonderful girlfriends, even though some of them live far away. Laura Parente has known the entire time, even though I never told her, and she has been so sweet not to put me on the spot or ask me about it until I was ready to divulge the secret. As soon as I did tell her she was jumping up and down and screaming how she's known! It was a funny celebratory cheer. It really has been great to finally share the news. There are still a few we haven't been able to tell yet because we want to tell them in person, but I don't feel like I'm about to burst anymore. I feel like I have an incredible amount of support and love in my life and I am blessed constantly by my loved ones.

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